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River transport


    Firma noastra ofera un pachet complet de servicii destinate transportului fluvial: transport containerizat, depozitare si facilitati logistice, conexiuni de transport cu orice destinatii din tara, preturi competitive si suport logistic afferent.

  Containerized river transport                                                                                       Conventional  transport on the Danube river  

    Being well positioned on the west coast of the Black Sea, the port of Constanta is an important point on the map of traffic of goods to / from Eastern European inland waterways.

    As a result of rapid regional development and also as a necessity for transportation of goods from this region, it increased interest for river transport which offers direct connection with the largest Black Sea port, Constanta.

    By using river containerized transport it can be served through direct service lines ports of Giurgiu and Turnu Severin, as well as Ruse and other ports on the Danube to Belgrade, due to the express request of our customers.

    The advantage of using river containerized transport consists of advantageous price offers compared to other ports which currently serves Belgrade (Rijeka, Thessaloniki, Bar, Koper) and because it provides a direct connection line services between China and the Black Sea.

    Green Marine Logistics intermediates loading / unloading both general or bulk cargoes and containers from barges on the quay and vice versa also direct transshipment of goods from ship to barge and vice / versa.

    In addition we can assure storage of full cargo containers.

    We can transport your goods between Giurgiu and  ports of Constanta, also between Giurgiu and Drobeta Turnu Severin. Barges and pushers used in the containerized cargo transport have P&I insurance.

    Our company offers complete services for different operations performed in /from terminals and warehouses located in Danube ports, including: handling of empty/full containers, empty/full containers storage inside warehouses both covered and open space, road transport services to any point designated in Romania.

    Our logistical services provide complete solutions that combine transport by river and by road or rail to reach any final destination point designated by the client. Upon request, the goods can be taken from river port of which were unloaded and send to the desired delivery point both in Romania and to Europe or any destination requested.

    Our company offers a complete package of services for river transport: containerized transport, cargo operation, containers handling, storage and logistics facilities, transport links to all destinations in the country, competitive prices and logistic support required for each individual operation.

    Constanta Harbor being both a seaport and one river, can accommodate any type of vessel: small tonnage and cargo barge, river barge, propelled barges.

    Connection between port of Constanta and the Danube is done by the Danube-Black Sea channel, an important link which is considered an asset of the port due to lower transport costs and volumes of goods that passing through this area.

    Because of the strategic position and its link with the Black Sea to European countries, the Danube river is considered an advantageous way of transportation compared with rail and road transport.

    Cargo traffic carried on the Danube has grown from year to year, facilitating the transport of large quantities between Constanta and the countries of eastern and central Europe, like Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia, Austria and Germany.

    Also through the Danube river  can be transported goods from Constanta to Rotterdam using Rhine-Main channel.

    Among the goods that hold a substantial proportion which are shipped by Danube with the barges are: grains, equipments, chemicals, steel, forestry products and construction materials.

    We will provide the necessary logistics to dispatch your goods from / to Constanta port to / from the Danube ports using one of the river transport ships mentioned above.




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